Square Garden



The Square, Kilworth, Co.Cork
Cork, Ireland


  • Seasonal bouquets and arrangements

  • Wedding and event flowers

  • DIY wedding flowers

  • Sympathy flowers

  • Weekly subscriptions

  • Dried flowers

  • Christmas wreaths and decorations

  • Local deliveries

  • Market flowers

Petra and Una run the Square Garden. Petra has been working as a therapeutic gardener for over 10 years and Una is a florist with 20 years experience. We are blessed to be able to turn an overgrown walled garden into a marvel of diverse plants, with the focus on cut flowers. We grow a varied selection of flowers to ensure a great assortment of texture, scent and colour. We expand our selection every year, adding new shapes and forms to guarantee unique floral arrangements.

Our flowers are grown free of chemicals and with respect for the natural environment. Wildlife is encouraged in the garden. We are in the process of finishing a large natural swimming pond to enhance biodiversity.

In the floral design studio we use an eclectic artisan touch to warrant original floral creations fresh from the farm. In our work we embrace the beauty of the seasons and let this loveliness inspire our flower arrangements. We hope our floral handiworks bring beauty into your life, on your wedding day or any other day! Carpe diem!

“Square Garden” is a sustainably managed flower farm and floral design studio located in a beautiful walled garden in the village square of Kilworth, Co.Cork.
Don’t hesitate to call us if you would like to visit.