Like everyone else who works with nature, we love this time of year! We’re busy – seedlings won’t plant themselves out and the weeds never sleep – but the winter-work is paying off and colour is returning to our gardens and fields. It seems as though everywhere we look we have more variety in our ‘palette’ and we can really start to get creative with our bouquets and arrangements.

There’s no more definitive mark in the calendar for the start of Spring than Easter. This time of year has been celebrated since before any of the major world religions came to be and it’s hugely important to our well-being. It’s a tremendously energetic and exciting time in nature. Birds are building nests, hibernating animals and insects are emerging, and the trees are starting to fill out again.

There’s no better way to mark the occasion and re-energise yourself or someone you care about than with the splash of natural colour that you can only get from fresh flowers. Members of the Flower Farmers of Ireland are uniquely able to offer local, seasonal, naturally grown flowers and foliage throughout the growing season, and there’s a good chance that there’s a member near you.

COVID-19 is still with us, unfortunately, so most of us are still unable to visit with loved ones. Some of our members, however, offer safe, contact-free delivery services:


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