Our Association exists to promote the efforts of growers who produce seasonal flowers. Somewhat ironically, St. Valentine’s day falls a bit too early in the year to take advantage of the full glory of the local growing window.

Nevertheless, we wouldn’t be doing what we do if we didn’t have a bit of a romantic streak. ‘Work with what you have’ is very much part of our ethos, and some of our members have taken up the challenge of creating innovative arrangements and other offerings in time for the annual love-fest.

Between the Briars are really showing off the advantages of their more southerly location with their Kokedama Moss Nest, and they’re also taking orders for their Spring Bouquet Subscription.

Big Sky Flowers carries the banner for the midlands, with unique Botanical Wall Hangings. Anna is also offering courses for those wishing to ‘grow your own’ flowers, which would be a St. Valentine’s Day gift to remember for years to come.

Kokedama Moss Nest by Between the Briars

Botanical Wall Hanging by Big Sky Flowers