The word Ranunculus is one name for a BIG family. There are over 600 species of flowering plants in the genus, including the humble buttercup.

Mention Ranunculus to a Flower Farmer or Florist, though, and you’ll see their eyes light up as they bring the much more sophisticated cultivated varieties to mind. 

The bloom is not unlike a rose, although is usually more tightly-packed and spherical when it makes it’s first appearance. It tends to have a lot of strongly-pigmented petals so is visually complex and mesmerising.

Although not particularly common in gardens, Ranunculus comes in an incredible range of vibrant colours and is at its best in early Spring. Do yourself a favour, and ask your local Flower Farmer if they have any ready for cutting; some of our members are gifted specialists with these flowers and you can find stunning examples in some of their portfolio pictures.