Big Sky Flowers is owned and operated by Anna Browne. Anna is a lifelong and passionate grower. Although she has returned to her origins, she has lived in other parts of the world and always managed to have (or have access to) a garden in any place she stayed for more than a few months.

These days Anna grows mostly in a suburban garden at her home in Mullingar, where the lawn has been completely given over to growing flowers, fruit, and vegetables. It’s a haven for biodiversity and home to rescue hens and the occasional visiting hedgehog. No pesticides, weedkillers or artificial fertilisers are used at any stage of the growing process.

Anna’s bouquets and arrangements are colourful, charming and generous, with unique ‘architectural’ touches. She supplies flowers and foliage to florists, as well as bouquets to private clients, and select retail outlets such as Nuts & Grains, and the Refill Mill, in Mullingar. Anna does not use floral foam or plastics – flowers are cut, arranged and delivered within a few hours.

Anna also runs online classes & workshops, and provides garden design & creation services. Her IT & organisational skills allow her passion for growing to shine brightly, even in an online setting, and she has helped and encouraged many people to get started ‘growing their own’.