Gardener’s Cottage



Kildare, Ireland


  • Seasonal bouquets and arrangements

  • Wedding and event flowers

  • Christmas wreaths and decorations

  • Local deliveries

  • Workshops


Weddings - Kildare
Seasonal arrangements - Kildare

Gardeners Cottage is the home and garden of Mary Morrin. The 2.5 acres of garden are situated down a quiet country road in rural county Kildare. For 40 years, Mary has been applying her years of studying in the National Botanic Gardens with the other focus of her working life, organic farming, to develop Gardeners Cottage in a mature and diverse irish country garden.

One of the first people in the country to farm organically has meant that Gardeners Cottage has benefited from decades of sustainable, chemical free growing. Flowers are grown in 3 areas of the garden, an enclosed gravel garden, a woodland garden and a wetland, pond garden. Over the years, Mary has develop a collection of many varieties of flowers across these gardens as well as focusing in recent years on more contemporary varieties to keep the selection of flowers on offer modern and fresh (no pun intended)

Today Gardeners cottage supplies a number of retail outlets in Dublin as well as Naas Country Markets, where Mary has been a member since 1990 and continues to supply not just flowers but pies, and jams. In addition to this, Gardeners Cottage can supply to parties, weddings or the hospitality sector, as well as providing classes and demonstrations.

While Gardeners Cottage as a business has been selling flowers for years, it has just recently become possible to also enjoy the garden itself by staying at gardener cottage through