The Burren Flower Farm





  • Seasonal bouquets and arrangements

  • Wedding and event flowers

  • DIY wedding flowers

  • Sympathy flowers

  • Weekly subscriptions

  • Christmas wreaths and decorations

  • Local deliveries

  • Workshops

  • Demonstrations

  • Market flowers


Wedding and event flowers - predominantly Clare, Galway, Limerick

Hello! The Burren Flower Farm is owned and run by me Sarah Wall. Located in the botanical paradise that is The Burren, in North Clare, the 18 acre farm is blessed with a unique and abundant mix of native wildflowers and foliage. This diversity, mixed with all of the flowers that I also cultivate and grow alongside are the ingredients of my floral creations. My style of arrangement whether subtle, elegant or bold, is characterised by colour, texture and a certain wildness, inspired by my natural surroundings.

I manage my farm using only organic composts and fertilisers of seaweed, nettle and comfrey. A great many of the plants and flowers I grow purposely for bees and pollinators and habitats. When I forage I do so mindfully and usually on my own property. No chemicals/pesticides are used on the farm.

I specialise in weddings and events where a natural, wildflower look is preferred and where the client wants to know they are choosing a local and ecologically sustainable option that also happens to be beautiful. I work with my clients to achieve their particular look.

Working with flowers keeps me in awe of nature: the joy the contribute and the power they hold. If you need to talk flowers drop me an email, a text or a WhatsApp.