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Hi, My name is Sheelagh. I’m a horticulturist and flower grower running a small artisan business. I offer dried and pressed flower pictures, dried flower bouquets, everlasting floral creations, botanical prints, handmade flower presses and seasonal creative workshops from a beautiful flower garden in Newtown Mount Kennedy, Co, Wicklow. Where the resident honey bees, butterflies and pollinators co-exist with annuals, perennials, herbs, trees and shrubs supporting a diverse growing and creative space. Being outdoors is a constant source of nourishment. I love what I do, surrounded by plants and the joy that being in nature brings.

I grow flowers from seed, cuttings, bulbs, corms and tubers, without the use of harmful chemicals. I am passionate about creating pieces of art that celebrate the abundance and beauty of nature. No two designs are exactly the same, each piece is unique, capturing a moment in time. Everlasting flowers preserve the fleeting beauty of nature for months and even years. Each season I select flowers and foliage for pressing and drying, in the traditional methods, which can take many weeks. These I make into pressed and dried flower pictures, everlasting floral bouquets and craft. I also love to select flowers and foliage to make original botanical prints.

I love to hero nature in every piece of craft and art I create. With a passion to celebrate the natural world that surrounds us. My intention is to reflect the wonder and beauty of nature in my work.

I think a little magic happens when growing and designing with nature, from seed sowing through to the creative process, and I believe that magic is passed on to the person receiving flowers and botanical art grown and designed with love…

I look forward to hearing from you with all of your floral enquires and can be contacted by phone, email or on Instagram….