In Ireland, March traditionally brings a few things with it. Spring is technically well under way but ‘cold snaps’ in the weather (up to and including snowfalls) can’t be discounted, so anyone growing anything outdoors needs to be on their guard and ready to do what they can to protect their plants.

For the flower grower, the lengthening days and (slightly!) higher temperatures mean that some more colour starts to shine through and the winter-work starts to produce dividends. Mid-March also brings reasons to celebrate; in 2021, Mothers Day in Ireland is Sunday the 14th. St. Patrick’s Day is, of course, an ‘im-moveable’ feast on the 17th, and this year, Easter is the 4th of April.

Mothers Day is synonymous with the gift of flowers, and this time, given that we areĀ still in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, and some of us still can’t be with our parents, it’s particularly appropriate to mark the occasion. We are all, of course, still restricted in our movements, but some of our members can provide delivery of fresh cut-flower arrangements directly to your Mother’s door – or your own if you want to treat yourself!