Whether you’re an established grower, or just starting out, membership of the Flower Farmers of Ireland is a great way to boost your business. FFoI is run by growers just like you, and exists to promote, support, and empower Irish flower farmers at all levels.

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NB: Membership renewal fees fall due each year in January, regardless of when you originally join. 


Benefits of Membership

  • Direct exposure for your business to our followers on social media.
  • Support and advice from a community of like-minded people – whether you’re struggling with the practicalities of growing, arranging or propagating, or with business aspects such as buying plants/seeds/equipment, or pricing your product, there’s always someone willing to help.
  • Growing flowers in Ireland has some unique variables – we can advise on what plants and growing systems will work best for you based on hard-earned experience.
  • Access to EXCLUSIVE workshops and events.
  • Collective buying power, particularly for specialist plants & seeds.
  • Entry in our online ‘Find a Flower Farmer’ directory. All members are included in our Directory. This includes your full contact details (Address, Phone number, email address, and Web/Social media details where applicable). Optionally, you can become a Featured Member, in which case your profile will include a gallery of your own photos, your own promotional text, and space to list any services/plants you specialise in.
  • Use of the Flower Farmers of Ireland official logos on your website/ social media. This will immediately re-assure your potential customers that you are a genuine Irish grower. This is something that is being sought-after by increasing numbers of customers.
  • Access to our members-only discussion group. As commercial growers, our concerns are different to those of amateur/casual growers. As a result, our discussion groups are much more relevant!
  • Access to emails circulated within our group. Never miss out on any developments in the business.
  • Access to any group bulk buying/discounts. Leverage the power of the collective to lower your costs and access hard-to-find or specialist plants and seeds.
  • Access to discounted insurance with FBD. Insurance is a necessity but we can help take some of the pain out of it!
  • Invitation to our annual/biannual meetings. Always a great chance to meet and generate new ideas and alliances.
  • Access to exclusive workshops and farm tours. Focused on the professional grower, these will give you knowledge and insights that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Invitation to participate in any promotional work that we do. Sometimes your business might need an extra boost and our promotional activities can help.

Frequently Asked Questions about Membership

How do I become a member?

Easy! Just click the ‘Become a Member’ button on this page. That will take you to our online application form which has all the information you need. To complete your application, you will need to fill out the application form and pay for your membership via bank transfer – details are in the form instructions.

When can I apply to become a member?

You can apply to become a member at any time. All memberships renew in January for the following full year.

How long is my membership valid?

Membership lasts until the end of December of the current year. 

How much does it cost to join?


Membership costs €60 for a full year, with a one-time admin fee of €20 for first-time applications. All memberships cease at the end of December regardless of when they were taken up.

Optionally, for an additional  €40 per year you can become a ‘Featured Member’. Featured Members benefit by having a more detailed profile on this website, including a gallery of your photos, your own promotional text, and a list of any specialist plants or services you provide. 


Can I renew my Membership online?

Yes! For renewals from the start of 2022 onwards, we have an online form – just be sure to click the red ‘Membership Renewal’ button and follow the instructions on the form.

NB: Membership renewal fees fall due each year in January, regardless of when you originally join.